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Monday, April 11, 2016

Security: Meet the Human Interface

Electronic security, whether in the home, office, or an industrial facility, requires some means of interface between the control system and the people who use it. In some cases this means of interface is nothing more than a key switch while in other situations it can be a keyfob, an access card, or a keypad equipped with the usual numeric and function buttons (see photo #1). In some cases this human interface can take the form of a smartphone.

The most common keypad in use today provides the means whereby users can input a four-to-six digit numeric code, thus arming or disarming their alarm system. These simple human interfaces provide a series of point indicators that tell the status of the alarm system at a glance.

Additional buttons often are included that provide advanced functions, such as medical alert, hold-up, and fire. These buttons can be disabled by the alarm company where necessary.

Disabling these buttons is a ploy used when such a keypad is to be mounted in a public space where members of the general public might invoke an unwanted alarm. Such an area is the vestibule of a retail store.

Today’s Security Systems Offer Advanced Features
As time moves forward, so does the technology we use for security, and hence the human interface has grown more responsive to the many features and benefits that have evolved while becoming more simplistic over time.

Honeywell’s Lyric home controller, shown in the photo to the left, is a good example of a sophisticated, modern human interface (keypad) that offers more than just security. Besides arming, disarming, medical, panic, and fire, these systems make it possible to integrate your keyfobs and other alarm devices with a motorized garage door or outside gate.

Additional integrated components include video cameras; on keypad weather alerts with five-day forecasts; remote access to online devices, such as smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets; and control of auxiliary locks, such as Yale’s Real Living or Schlage Sense locks. Additional features include the ability to monitor pool areas, pets, water leaks, and harmful gases, such as CO and propane or natural gas.

Clearly today’s keypad has become more than just a security control device. For example, instead of hard keys that can become dirty over time, thus revealing a user’s PIN (Personal Identification Number), systems like Honeywell’s Lyric sports soft keys using an advanced touch-screen display. Systems that include all of the above new features and benefits have taken today’s alarm system from “wait and see” to “every day” where the business or home owner depends on it continually throughout each day.

If you’re interested in upgrading your existing alarm system to include some or all of the features named above, give ESC a call today and ask for assistance. Our number is 614-754-1393, or send us an email at You also can use our easy-to-use response form below.

Use of Keyfobs at Record High
Alarm users love their keyfobs, and that is a fact. Most alarm owners and users utilize mobile devices called keyfobs. Most of these devices are an integral part of alarm user’s lives as they offer a convenient, rapid means of alarm control.

Keyfobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on who makes them. They can come with a single button, two buttons, or four. In the case of the latter, control functions include disarm, arm, panic, and control of a light or perhaps a garage door—even both.

The problem with keyfobs is that if you lose one and someone finds it, or if they actually stole it, the same device that allows you to enter your business or home will also grant crooks the same luxury. If such a loss should occur, contact ESC’s main office ASAP and ask to have the lost keyfob removed from your alarm system. Although it’s not difficult to do, it may require an ESC technician to do this from your business or home, resulting in a service charge. Call us at 614-754-1393 and ask for service.

Integration Between Access & Security Systems
Electronic Systems Consultants LLC is a fully capable systems integrator. We can integrate your access control and security systems in such a way that your alarm system can be armed and disarmed through a single action on the access control side.

The advantage of this type of arrangement is the convenience of doing two things at once without remembering PINs and operating keypads or keyfobs. Of course, it’s still a great idea that every system has at least one keypad for alarm control. In fact, you can still use a keyfob as well, and in some cases the keyfob can be used to unlock doors and turn alarm systems off, all at the same time.

The degree of complexity or simplicity is up to you and ESC is prepared to provide you with whatever you need to make the task of alarm and building control more manageable to you and your staff on a daily basis. If you’re interested in upgrading your existing alarm system to include some or all of the features mentioned in this article, give ESC a call today. Our phone number is 614-754-1393, or you can send an email at You also can use our easy-to-use response form below. We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

John Larkin, Senior Partner

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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Many Advantages of Managed Access Control

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For those of you who have and enjoy the advantages of electronic access control, I'm sure you know the rigors associated with taking care of all facets as it relates to enrollment, report generation, removal, image retention, and other aspects related to management. For small to mid-sized firms, this can be a real pain. However, there is an alternative that you may want to consider.

ESC offers what we called Managed Access Control where our professional technical staff administer all aspects related to all the everyday issues that you now have to contend with yourself. We have the technology to do this from our offices in Columbus, Ohio. From afar, through the Internet or a telephone connection, we're able to enroll new users, inputting their images, creating their badges, issuing new cards, providing new PIN (Personal Identification Numbers), and making adjustments where necessary.

Remote system management also is a valuable tool for those of you who have unmanned facilities where you may require a live person to interact with visitors, repair personnel, delivery people, etc. ESC offers this service as part of our Managed Access program. This is also a valuable service for after-hour situations, I might add.

ESC offers the finest technologies available for your security and convenience. Our high-quality technicians are next to none and we're here at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us prove it to you--give us a call today whether your need is immediate or yet to come. ESC is here for you!

John Larkin, Senior Partner


For those who may not be acquainted with managed access control, please take a few minutes to watch this informative video on the subject.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

White Paper: ‘Means of Egress’ Summary of NFPA Code Requirements

As most of you are involved in facility management know, fire code figures heavily in the area of access control. Unless you follow fire code, not only will your project be in jeopardy, but you may be subject to fines and penalties. In Ohio, commercial businesses and government institutions are subject to the Ohio Basic Building Code, which is based in National Fire Code (NFC), published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the various codes published by the International Code Council (ICC).

In an effort to assure your continued success, Electronic Systems Consultants LLC is offering a white paper on the implementation and fire code considerations concerning access control systems. This white paper, entitled ‘Means of Egress’ Summary of NFPA Code Requirements (A practical ‘How To’ guide to installing code compliant access control systems utilizing magnetic locks), is the product of Camden Door Controls in conjunction with Al Colombo, ESC's social media/web director. This paper is NFPA 72, 2010, compliant, which is the code of choice at this time in Ohio.

Please fill out the form below to receive your copy of this valuable resource. You will be added to our mailing list for periodic updates via email.

John Larkin, Senior Partner

Use this handy form to receive your own copy of Means of Egress Summary of NFPA Code Requirements. You will receive an email with directions on how to download this document.

Or send an email to with "egress white paper" in the subject line. Thank you.




Monday, January 19, 2015

Controlling Access to Your Buildings

Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC) provides the most effective, high-tech, and secure access control systems on the market today. Made by Software House, our access equipment is designed for long-term, rugged use in a diversity of environments. As a matter of policy, ESC offers a one-year parts and labor warranty*.

Our installation and service technicians are second to none. Each and every tech is factory trained and able to provide the most modern, up-to-date service available. From design and planning to installation and beyond, ESC provides a full range of door control devices and programming options that work together to provide you and your organization with the finest in controlled entry and exit functions.

Having the most up-to-date information available is important to your security department, especially during an event. As a dedicated, seasoned security integration firm, ESC technical staff will interconnect your access control system with your new or existing video surveillance cameras, thus enabling security personnel to quickly identify individuals and situations before they respond. And where the job also requires intrusion and/or door status notification, ESC’s UL monitoring station is on the job 24/7, patiently waiting and watching for any sign of trouble.

As a matter of course, ESC handles DMP, Honeywell, Edwards, Monaco, Silent Knight and other popular brands. No matter whether you need service on an existing system or you require new, ESC is ready and able to assist you. Call us at 614-754-1393, email us at, follow us on Twitter (@ESS_LLC), or feel free to visit us on the web at

John Larkin, Senior Partner
Electronic Systems Consultants

* One year warranty is contingent on normal wear and tear, no
abuse or misuse, and the manufacturer's own equipment warranty.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays From ESC

John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner We at ESC are proud of the year we had as an up-and-coming company in the fire and security industry. As we close out 2014, we’ve seen this business model take root from a start-up fire and security parts-and-smarts company--with most of our focus in the electrical bid market since 2011--to a full-fledged service provider with clear and focused attention on State of Ohio contracts among both large and small end users.

This year, ESC also saw growth in the area of key personnel additions to the field tech force, office management, director of business development, and director of social media/web. ESC is anxious to begin the New Year with a fresh perspective on our continued growth as a fire alarm, fire suppression, fire extinguishers, and security company.

:ESC has become one of the primary providers to Ohio Department of Corrections, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Administrative Services for the preventive maintenance and service of our core services. Adding to the good news, ESC also has procured the fire alarm service contract for the Columbus City Schools for 2015. That, along with a backlog of installation projects that include Krogers, NiSource, Ohio Veterans Home, Big Lots, LT Land Development, and the North Point Hotel, means that we expect to see our installation services increase going into 2015.

The year 2015 also will see ESC expand its services to include installation and service of Kitchen Hood and Fire Pumps, as well as small sprinkler installation and repair. ESC also will work to expand our client base within State of Ohio government using our MBE and DBE certifications for additional fire and security preventive maintenance services contracts. So in closing, I thank each and every one of you for your continued business. Together, let’s make 2015 the best year yet.

John Larkin, Senior Partner
Electronic Security Consultants
Phone: 614-754-1393

P.S. We emailed our Christmas card to all of our clients and friends. If you did not receive a copy, please click here to receive a copy in PDF. I'll send you one right away!
Thank you! --John Larkin