Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Human Interface: Adding Your Smartphone to the Mix

On the 11th of April we talked about the various kinds of human interfaces in use within the security market. We covered basic keypads, keyfobs, and card readers. We also talked about security and smart home technology and the enhancements associated with larger flat touch displays which invariably include soft keypad keys for security alarm arming, disarming, and other purposes.

Today, I’d like to chat with you about another famously popular human interface called the “smartphone.” More and more manufacturers of security systems are adding smartphone apps to their offerings in order to provide you, our client, with an even more enjoyable and efficient way of controlling your security system. This is an especially helpful method of control for commercial users because it allows you to stay in contact with your facility no matter what time it is, no matter where you may be.

Through your smartphone, you will nearly instantaneously receive a full compliment of information pushed to your smartphone when there’s an alarm situation. Using your in-house camera system, you will immediately have access to cameras in the vicinity of the door or motion that triggered the alarm. If there is no one there, you can cancel the dispatch, reset the alarm, and go back to what you were doing—in addition to saving money because the police were either cancelled or the central did not call in the first place.

If you have added lighting control to the list of items to which your alarm system integrates with, you also can use your smartphone to turn lights on and off, in addition to dimming and brightening them. Heating and cooling systems also can be controlled via your smartphone as well.

If you are interested in connecting your smartphone to your security system, give ESC a call. If this features is not offered by you’re present alarm system, we’ll give you a discount on replacing it with a new one that will. If you would like to add lighting and cooling/heating control to your security controller as well, ESC would be more than happy to assist you in making that happen.

Give us a call today at 614-754-1393, or send me an email at You can also leave me a message using the contact us form below.

Thank you, John

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