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Thursday, December 1, 2016

NFPA Says There's a Fire Every 23 Seconds

According to the #NFPA, there's a #fire every 23 seconds in the United States (#USA) | #ESC_LLC #death #injury #statistics #trending | There were 1,345,500 total fires reported during #2015. Of this number, 3,200 were civilian fire #deaths and 15,70 were fire #injuries. Because of these fires, total property damage amounted to $14.million.

If you own a commercial building or you manage an institution of some kind, you already know that fire alarms and/or fire sprinklers are required in a good many applications. If you’re getting ready to open a new facility or you recently did so, you can rely on #ESC_LLC to provide you with the information, initial quote, and installation you need. ESC will also provide the yearly inspections required for most all fire-related systems. Our technicians are factory trained and state certified. Remember, ESC does fire protection right!

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