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Monday, November 2, 2015

Electronic Systems Consultants Participates in First Annual OhioMBE Awards Luncheon

Team ESC would like to once again thank Ronda Barber and OhioMBE for the honor of being involved in the first annual MBE Awards luncheon.

Electronic Systems Consultants (ESC) is part of the State of Ohio Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) program.

"MBE has the responsibility for implementing the State of Ohio's minority business set-aside program. This includes certifying minority businesses thereby making them eligible to participate in the state's set aside program, as well as assisting state agencies with the selection of set aside contracts, maintaining a list of certified minority business enterprises, monitoring program compliance, and conducting research and reporting."

Front row (left to right): ESC partners, Rob Heath and John Larkins
Middle row (left to right): Scott Camps, Misty Zemlock, Angie Moore, and Tim Risner.
Back row (left to right): Wayne Clay, Ronnie Curnutte, Chris McNeill, and Greg Davis-Sr.

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