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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ESC Commends Workmen for Roadside Heroics

In a world where so many of us look to someone else for protection when bad things take place, it’s gratifying for me to bestow a vote of thanks for two of my own ESC technicians-- Scott Camps and Wayne Clay --for the heroics they performed at the corner of 3rd and Mound as they were coming off of Rt. 70.
“We saw the smoke as we were coming off of 70,” says Scott Camps, our lead fire suppression tech at ESC. “By the time we arrived on the scene, the fire had engulfed the car.”

Scott Camps

Wayne Clay
What they did after that was well above the call of duty. They grabbed several fire extinguishers from their service truck and they began to fight the fire in an attempt to put it out.
“The fire was nearly out when the fire department arrived,” Camps finished.
So may I say thank you for a job well done to Scott Camps and Wayne Clay! I’m proud of you and so glad to have you working with us here at ESC! Frankly, everyday it’s all about safety and what Scott and Wayne did exemplifies our company’s work philosophy exactly. Thank you!

John Larkin, Senior Partner
Electronic Systems Consultants LLC

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