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Monday, January 26, 2015

ESC Meets the Integration Challenge

Never before has the need for integrated systems in both private and public sectors been so great. In fact, system integration is the glue that gives today’s high-tech security the ability to do so much more with far less than in the past. And, because of network technology, a fully integrated building can save you money because it more often includes energy management.

In a word, the digital age has made it possible to marry a number of building subsystems together in order to enhance and extend the capability of each one beyond their traditional limits. Not only does this allow them to perform faster, it enables them to do so with greater capability than was individually possible in years past.

A good example of this is realized when video cameras, intrusion detection devices, fire alarm sensors, access control, and building management subsystems are connected together. When someone enters a room or a hallway, for example, lights are automatically activated. After a period of time, without motion, they then are extinguished.

Heating and cooling systems are now an integral part of today’s integrated systems. Temperature set points can automatically be adjusted on a floor-by-floor and office-by-office based on who has entered the building. when using an access control system capable of monitoring who enters and leaves the facility. Access to individual floors through an integrated elevator control also makes it possible to limit access to only those individuals who require it.

Another systems integration example is that of a fire alarm system integrated with a quality video camera surveillance system. When a smoke detector, heat sensor, or manual fire pull is involved in an alarm, for example, nearby video cameras can be made to pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing on- and off-premises operators to quickly determine if there’s a fire or not on the premises. Special camera systems also are available to can turn a video surveillance system into a fire detection system, per fire code. Integration has long made it possible to close internal doors in a building when a fire is detected.

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