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Friday, January 12, 2018

ESC Opens New Website

Click HERE for ESC News!

On this new day in a new year we launch our new website!
Although this original
website will continue to do a great job, this new one provides us with even more tools and capabilities with which to serve your needs.
One way that we can serve you better is to offer you an email option as a means of letting you know when we make changes, like adding a new micro-blog article, like this one. To subscribe all you have to do is place your email in the subscription form and submit. From this day forward you'll know when there are changes.

To Visit the New ESC Website: Click Here

We have every intention of keeping this previous website up and running simply because of all the great information that's on it. If you have any problems finding what you're looking for, or if you have a comment, suggestion, or question, click here to send an email. Or, feel free to call me at 614-754-1393.
I value your thoughts, ideas, as well as your safety and security. Please continue to think of ESC when it comes time to secure or fire proof your facility. Remember, ESC has your back!
John Larkin, Senior Partner

Media Contact
Al Colombo, ESC Social Media Director
Phone: 614-585-2091

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