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Friday, April 3, 2015

ESC Newsletter, April 2, 2015

Good morning!

It's another fine day in Columbus, Ohio, and it's obvious that spring has finally sprung. I'd like to take a few moments of your time to share with you some news as well as valuable take-aways.

First, the Cleveland operation we established some months ago is growing and doing well. If you know of someone in business or government in the Cleveland, Ohio market, please forward the email that brought you this newsletter to them. The more help we have in growing this new branch, the stronger ESC becomes and the better able we are to accommodate all our clients.

I also want our facility manager clients to take advantage of two white papers that we're offering. The first is a white paper on fire code compliance with regards to your access control systems, and the second is the use of smartphones in security and beyond.

As always, I encourage you to contact me if I can be of assistance. ESC's aim is to assist and please our clients above all else. Thank you for reading this newsletter and have a great day!

John Larkin, ESC Senior Partner

Fire Code and Means of Egress
Access control is an important part of facility security, but it also can become a liability when an access system fails to meet fire code. Means of Egress compliance is an extremely important part of any facility manager's job and it doesn't just happen--you must know the particulars that apply in fire code.

Electronic Systems Consultants LLC is offering a free white paper entitled ‘Means of Egress’ Summary of NFPA Code Requirements, published by Camden Door Controls, Canada. This white paper provides an inside view of fire code with regards to access control technology. It provides code references and advice based on NFPA 72, 2010, which is the code of choice in Ohio at this time.

To obtain your own copy of this valuable white paper, click here!

Smartphones in Security
The second white paper that ESC is giving away, entitled 5 Unexpected Ways Businesses Can Use Smartphones to Drive Profit, offers five valuable ideas on ways to capitalize on smartphone technology with profit in mind. Part of this white paper focuses on the use of smartphone technology to monitor video systems from afar, something that ESC can assist you with.

To obtain this free white paper, click here.

NFPA 72: Inspection & Testing
Another valuable take-away, entitled Inspection & Testing of Common Fire Alarm Devices,. provides the inspection and testing frequencies associated with most popular fire alarm detection devices as well as the systems that you find in most facilities.

Included are manual fire pulls, audible and visual devices, smoke detectors, heat detectors. The systems included in this free offering include fire alarm panels, primary and secondary power supplies, and voice evacuation systems.

To review this valuable information on inspection and testing, click here.