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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Value of Video Surveillance in Public and Private Spaces

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No one wants to create a police state (well, most of us don’t), but I can tell you from experience that there is a valid need for video surveillance in public and private spaces and in today’s blog post I’m going to tell you why.

Over the days, weeks, and months that we’ve been sending interesting news items across our social media channels, it’s hard not to notice the volume of times when a camera placed in the right spot, being there at the right time, has caught criminals in the act of a crime against innocent people, like yourself. And now that video cameras are being installed in and outside of residential structures, we’re seeing an even greater influx of situations where the perpetrators of crime are coming to justice—or at least we know what they look like.

Take for example the news item we featured on February 22nd entitled “Shotgun, jewelry, electronics stolen from west Columbus home.”

According to WCMH, Channel 4 in Columbus, Ohio, “Investigators are looking for a burglar who took a firearm and other items from a west Columbus residence last month. Central Ohio Crime Stoppers said the man broke into the Tampico Drive home on Jan. 13, 2016. He stole a shotgun, jewelry and other several electronic items before leaving” (

Another example of where a video camera placed in the right spot at the right time caught someone in the act of robbing a Speedway gas station on the Eastside of Columbus.

According to Fox 28, “The man picked up what appeared to be a small bag of chips and stood in line at the cash register. When the customers left the store, he asked the cashier, "Give me the money, and don't do anything stupid or I'll shoot you" (

The fact is, these are becoming desperate times and when this kind of thing occurs in society, it often creates desperate people. You would think that these and other such criminals would instinctively understand the risk they run by committing such a crime in the open, but some folks are willing to risk discovery, and they often do.

One of the common places that police go for video in public spaces when a nearby crime occurs is local ATMs. Of course, crimes occur at ATMs each and every day, as did on November 23rd of 2015 in Huntsville, Alabama.

“The crime took place at a Redstone Federal Credit Union ATM in Huntsville Nov. 23. “He'd just stolen a debit card from a residence on Martin Road and couldn't wait to try and use it to steal some money. “ATM footage shows the suspect was sitting in the back seat of the car. That means at least one other person, the driver, was an accomplice to this card being swiped” (

Street cameras have also been equally valuable as a means of establishing the identity of criminals who commit crimes against innocent citizens. On July 22nd of last year, we featured an article on the ESC website entitled “How to Avoid the Theft of Expensive Jewelry.” In it we featured a video of a woman being accosted on the street for her gold jewelry.

“A warning from police departments across the country, crooks are coming after it. The volatile stock market has driven investors to buy gold that’s driven the price of gold to record highs making gold even more appealing for crooks and in some cities the crooks are getting pretty brazen,” says a television news anchor with Fox, channel 10. (
Because of the increase in such incidents that police have reported across the nation, earlier in the year ESC published another article entitled “Crime Prevention: How to Deal With Purse Snatching.”
“Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Florida offers some great words of wisdom regarding purse snatching. The fact is, in 2013 there were 684 cases of purse snatching. And, according to Ivey, during the first six months of 2014, there were 686 cases--more than the entire year before. There's no doubt that this specific crime is increasing in popularity among criminal types. These statistics reflect the situation in Florida alone!” (
ESC routinely protects public and private spaces using quality video surveillance systems. We often integrate them with our clients access control, intrusion, and fire alarm systems to make a powerful combination for crime fighting and alarm verification purposes.

For example, with a video surveillance in your business or institution, ESC central station monitoring operators are able to ascertain whether a burglar alarm is valid or a mistake. This can save you considerable money in false alarm fines. And, some communities, such as Akron, Ohio, verification is the law. In addition, we’ll equip you with a smartphone app that will enable you to look in on your facility at any time of the day or night, in addition to receiving vital images during burglar and fire alarm situations.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a video surveillance system in your facility, give ESC a call. One of our security professionals will be happy to visit with you for the purpose of discussing your needs. We’ll provide you with a professional evaluation and a quotation so you know how much it will cost.

Let ESC help you better secure your investment by calling us today at 614-754-1393, by email at, or use the convenient contact form below.

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