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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Catching Crooks is the Game, Deterrence is the Aim

Career criminals who have previously done time for past crimes realize that if they are caught again, they’ll do even more time. For this reason, they cannot afford to be caught again. Many of these crooks specialize in what they do and many of them do it quite well.

Some of these career criminals will resort to setting the scene of a crime ablaze in order to destroy evidence. Fire is one way to destroy fingerprint residue as well as the media that holds video evidence. Examples of this include SD/Micro-SD chips in cameras, DVR’s (digital video recorders), NVR’s (network video recorders), DVD’s, and other means of video data storage.

“Fires, by their destructive nature, consume the evidence of their initiation and progress as they grow. Investigations are compromised, and often scenes are further destroyed by the activities of the fire service, whose primary responsibilities are to save lives and protect property against further damage” (Fire and Arson Scene Evidence: A Guide for Public Safety Personnel,
Video combined with intrusion/fire detection is one way to fight this kind of crime right from the beginning. The mere presence of cameras in and about a targeted business is often enough to send this type of criminal scurrying to an adjacent business who does not display any sign of cameras or a security system. The existence of a siren box on the side of a building, the presence of a working keypad inside the foyer, having foil tape or vibration detection bugs attached to the window glass around the perimeter, the presence of cameras inside and out are often enough to deter would-be criminals before the crime has been committed.
“Again I say, catching crooks may be the name of the game, but deterrence is always our aim,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC of Columbus, Ohio.
Toward that end, having a quality video surveillance system with off-site image archiving is one way to retain valuable evidence, evidence that would otherwise be destroyed in an intentionally set fire.

Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (@ESC_LLC) specializes in the sale and installation of quality video surveillance, intrusion, and fire detection systems. Off-site image archiving is available at competitive prices.

Give ESC a call today and we’ll be happy to visit your place of business where we’ll develop a game plan specific to your situation. Call us today at 614-754-1393, send us an email at, or use our quick quote form on our website at (scroll down, on right).

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Do You Have In Your Wallet?

Data Breaches and Stolen Identity

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), the definition of identity theft includes the following types of incidents:

  1. unauthorized use or attempted use of an existing account
  2. unauthorized use or attempted use of personal information to open a new account
  3. misuse of personal information for a fraudulent purpose.
There is no denying that identity theft is a huge problem, and it's becoming even bigger as the days drag on.

"An estimated 17.6 million persons, or about 7 percent of U.S. residents age 16 or older, were victims of at least one incident of identity theft in 2014, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced today. These statistics were similar to those in 2012," says an NCVS press release entitled 17.6 MILLION U.S. RESIDENTS EXPERIENCED IDENTITY THEFT IN 2014, released this past September. "Identity theft is the attempted or successful misuse of an existing account, such as a debit or credit card account, the misuse of personal information to open a new account or the misuse of personal information for other fraudulent purposes, such as obtaining government benefits or providing false information to police during a crime or traffic stop" (

Please take time to listen/watch this interesting webcast on data breaches and stolen identity. The information contained on this webcast is relevant to both business and individuals. If you're in the middle of other things this morning, it would be worth your while to bookmark this page and return later when you have more time.

It is my intention to provide informative information on our website that you can use at the office, during the course of your work, or at home. I welcome you to provide us with the kinds of information you enjoy and we'll consider researching and placing news and information along that vein here on our front page. Use our Contact Us page to do this, and thank you.

ESC Senior Partner John Larkin

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Avoid the Theft of Expensive Jewelry

The prerequisite for preventing a crime is to be aware of any threats as well as your surroundings. In other words, you must be in the moment during those times when you are the most at risk.

A good example of this is if you were to have a flat tire in the middle of the night in an alley or side street within a major city. You wouldn’t want to call AAA and then sit there thinking about what you’re going to cook for breakfast the next morning. Frankly, in this situation, there might not be a next morning if you are unaware of your surroundings.

In 2011, the following video was uploaded to YouTube. It is a warning concerning the theft of gold jewelry.

“A warning from police departments across the country, crooks are coming after it. The volatile stock market has driven investors to buy gold that’s driven the price of gold to record highs making gold even more appealing for crooks and in some cities the crooks are getting pretty brazen,” says a television news anchor with Fox, channel 10.

If you watch the first portion of the video carefully, you see an elderly woman being victimized by a criminal along the street. Although no one can say that she could have avoided this altercation by not prominently wearing her gold necklace that day, I believe it is reasonable to say that the crook may not have been as likely to notice her.

My advice to women especially is not to flaunt your expensive jewelry, which can be especially difficult to hide during summer months when the neckline is usually uncovered and easy to view. But one way to handle this is to take it off before walking into harm’s way. If you know that you are about to encounter a public area where such an encounter could occur, put your jewelry in the glove box of your car or place it in your purse.

Preventing Jewelry Thefts at Home

Jewelry thefts in the home are also common, especially where workmen are present during daylight hours. Although a theft might not occur during the time they are working there, the fact that you flaunt it on your bedroom makeup table might be enough to entice them to return when you are not there. Remember, daylight burglaries are more frequent than at night. When you have work being done in the home, the best thing to do is put that jewelry away—out of sight, out of mind, and out of harm’s way.

Electronic Systems Consultants LLC can help you keep your jewelry safe by installing a quality alarm system in your home. We use wireless technology which means we do not have to drill and run wires throughout your home.

A 24/7 wireless panic button also assures that if someone does enter the home when you are there that police can be immediately summoned by our quality UL-listed central station. Call us today for a free consultation.

Call 614-754-1393, fill out the “get a quote” form on the right side of this page, or click here. Thank you!

John Larkin, Senior Partner


Monday, April 13, 2015

How to Deter Robberies in a Convenient Store Setting

What is the best way to protect my convenient store during hours from robbery?

There are all kinds of ways to discourage robberies in your convenient store. Probably one of the most significant ways to accomplish this is to install cameras in your store. They should be quite visible to the assailant with a means of recording that is hidden and locked up. There also are services where video is sent to a video storage service over the Internet. This assures that if the robbers take your digital video recorder (DVR), they can still be caught on film, so to speak.

One camera should be facing the door through which the perpetrator(s) enter the store. Another camera should be set watching the count as well as the person on the other side. If money allows, a third camera should be positioned looking at the behind-counter view just in case the assailant enters that area from the side.

Camera placement of a fourth camera might include the isle in which you stock high-risk items. This camera is optional of course. Also where beer and liquor is made available to customers, just in case someone might try to hide one under his/her coat.

Another means of visible deterrence is to place a small monitor where the assailants can see themselves on it. This is a very powerful deterrence because they know their actions are being recorded.

In closing, although we’d like to say that total deterrence is possible, it goes without saying that there are some criminals who will commit a robbery no matter what you or your alarm company will do. By having a quality, well-maintained video surveillance system, the robbery will be documented as well as the assailant(s) involved.

Electronic Systems Consultants LLC of Columbus, Louisville, and Cleveland is ready and able to assist you in deterring would-be criminals from committing a robbery in your store. Give us a call and allow us the opportunity to provide you with valuable advice as well as a competitive quote for security and the cameras you need. There is no cost for consultation as this is what we do each and every day.

Call me, John Larkin, at 614-754-1393, or send an email to

John Larkin, Senior Partner