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Friday, February 20, 2015

Burglary Crime Prevention 101

Crime prevention is the most important aspect of what Electronic Systems Consultants LLC and other security firms do on a daily basis. Whether it's an alarm system, access control system, or a video surveillance system, 90 percent of purpose behind these systems is to discourage and deter criminal acts from occurring in the first place.

Although ESC deals mostly with commercial and institutional security, the issue of home invasion is an important one and deserves everyone's attention. As a courtesy to our social media followers and clients, ESC presents the following video on how to prevent home crimes.

Last but not least, the following video offers some great insights into crime by the criminals who commit them. This is a must watch!

If you have questions about how to prevent crime in your place of business, your government agency/department, or home, send them along and I'll provide an answer. Please use our contact page.

Kind Regards,
John Larkin, Senior Partner