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Friday, July 10, 2015

John Larkin Featured in Summit Magazine

John Larkin, founder and senior partner with Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC), based in Columbus Ohio, with branch offices in Cleveland and Louisville, KY, was recently featured in the pages of Summit Magazine (page 9). In the article, Summit offers a fairly detailed view of ESC, the company's offerings, and its history.

The writer begins by covering the basic services offered by John Larkin's firm, which includes security systems; access control, both traditional and managed; fire protection, which includes electronic fire alarms, special hazards, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers--both monitoring and full code-compliant inspection and testing services; emergency and nurse call, video surveillance; perimeter detection; and others.

The article provides information on John's Minority Business Enterprise and Veteran business ownership status, which is an important certification to both ESC and its clients. The article also provides insights into ESC services as well as an interesting section on John Larkin's climb to success.

John's ultimate goal, according to the Summit story is " one day become owner of one of the largest Integration companies in Central Ohio, providing jobs and opportunities to people within the I-270 corridor."

To read John Larkin’s story in Summit Magazine, please feel free to download it on PDF, or you can read it on Summit’s website (page 9).

Allan B. Colombo, ESC publicity