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Friday, December 15, 2017

ESC Celebrates Holidays at BrewDog in Canal Winchester

John Larkin, Senior Partner with Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC) of Greater Ohio, and ESC staff celebrated the Holidays at the BrewDog Dog Tap brewery located in Canal Winchester, Ohio. The event, which was held this past Saturday afternoon (December 9, 2017), included lots of food, games on the main floor, and a tour of the brewery.
"Each year I look forward to gathering my team at the end of the year to celebrate the holidays. It gives me a chance to thank each of them for their loyalty and the hard work they do. Because of these men and women as well as our clients, ESC has seen enormous growth over the past few years,” says John Larkin, ESC's founder and senior partner.

John adds, "This year's event was held at one of my favorite places in the Columbus area: BrewDog. Not only was the dinner a huge success, but so was the guided tour of the bottling operation. The tour was great and a good time was had by all.”

Early on the founders of BrewDog "were bored of the industerially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominated the UK (United Kingdom) beer market." It was April 2007 BrewDog was born (Source:

As an equal opportunity employer and a certified Ohio Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), ESC provides the best in security, fire detection, and fire protection to commercial, retail, industrial, and institutional facilities across Ohio. ESC technicians are second to none, being factory trained and certified in all they do.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to wish every one of my you and yours a safe, secure, and fire-free holiday celebration,” says John Larkin. For more information on ESC, visit our website at or call us at 614-754-1393.

Be sure to read about ESC's "Ugly Sweater Contest!" (click here).

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Al Colombo, ESC Social Media Director
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

John Larkin, ESC, Attends Greater Summit Award Reception

In collaboration with the County of Summit, the City of Akron, and the University of Akron, Black Pages Ohio and the Summit Magazine hosted its 2nd Annual “Greater Summit Business Conference & Expo” which took place at the University of Akron - Quaker Station, on August 24th.
“The event was informative and entertaining as it is every year. I always find this event engaging and I’d encourage others to get involved,” says John Larkin, Senior Partner with ESC.
To contact John about this or to find out more about ESC diverse group of services in the life-safety and security area, call 614-754-1393 or visit on the Web.

(Photo: Bob Lenier - CEO The Summit Magazine [right], presents
the 2016 Advocacy Award to John Larkin, ESC [left])

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Electronic Systems Consultants Opens Cleveland Office

COLUMBUS, OHIO (January 8, 2015) -- Electronic Systems Consultants, a certified MBE, DBE, EDGE fire and security systems sales and service company, is in the process of opening a new branch office in the Cleveland, Ohio area.
“Our aim is to provide companies in Cleveland, Akron, and Canton with the same quality products and services that our Columbus clients have enjoyed for years,” says John Larkin, senior partner with Electronic Systems Consultants. “This new branch will be in full swing sometime in February. We’ve been working hard to make this happen since this past summer.”
Because of Larkin’s forward vision, this recent expansion will enable ESC to service existing clientele better and with faster response times. The new facility is located at 1814 East 40th Street in Cleveland. For service inquiries, contact John Larkin directly at 614-420-1491.

About ESC
Electronic Systems Consultants, LLC (ESC) is a full service systems integrator provider offering a wide range of products and services in the electronic security and fire alarm markets. ESC’s professional staff has over 40 years of combined experience in both the installation and maintenance of integrated systems. For more information, visit ESC on the Web at, or follow us on Twitter (, Facebook (, or on LinkedIn (

Media Contact:
Allan B. Colombo
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fire Code and Aged Fire Extinguishers

Our staff found several older fire extinguishers in our warehouse that have full pressure. The last date of inspection was in September 1999. Can we use them?

The short answer to this question is, “No, it’s not recommended that you use expired extinguishers in a fire situation,” says John Larkin, senior partner with Electronic Systems Consultants (ESC).

According to Larkin, per code, all dry chemical fire extinguishers must receive two (2) inspections that require the extinguishers to be fully emptied and certified, regardless if the extinguisher is showing a full charge or not.

“A dry chemical or ABC fire extinguisher requires a six year maintenance or twelve year hydrostatic test from its date of manufacture. Both procedures call for the bottles to be emptied for internal inspection and for the hydrostatic test to perform a pressure test of the bottle,” says Larkin. “All other years in between those services, a multi-point visual inspection is conducted to ensure the extinguisher is ready to be of service in cases of fire emergencies.”

For more information on the use of fire extinguishers, check out Use The Right Portable Fire Extinguisher, published on ESC's website on December 1, 2014.

Got a Question?
If you have a fire protection- or security-related question, please email it to John at: Your question will appear in the ESC blog and you’ll receive an email letting you know when and where to look.

Allan B. Colombo

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Importance of Video Surveillance

Business and homeowners, Federal and State government institutions, educational facilities, huge campuses, and others can benefit in a huge way by implementing video surveillance. There are three reasons for doing so:
  1. Crime Prevention. The visible presence of cameras outside and inside is often enough to stop a crime before it happens.
  2. Documentation. When a crime does occur, a quality video surveillance system will be able to provide pictures of the criminal, possibly in the act.
  3. Remote Access. Electronic Systems Consultants LLC (ESC) can connect your video surveillance system to your smart phone or laptop so when you’re out and about you can look in on things.
Crime prevention is perhaps one of the most important aspects associated with CCTV implementation because it seeks to stop crimes from happening in the first place. For example, the very sight of a camera  staring you in the face when you walk into a retail store tells the would-be criminal that chances are that he'll be caught doing his ill deed. The idea is that he'll then go elsewhere, where he knows there are no cameras.

Documentation is also an important part of security because it assures us that when something bad does happen. law enforcement will have a full accounting of it on film, so to speak. Of course, today's video surveillance systems do not use photo-sensitive film to record images on. Instead, analog images are converted into digital data and then they are stored either within a solid-state memory device or on a hard drive in a digital video recorder, for example.

Remote access to your video surveillance system allows you to see cameras in action in real time as well as review recorded video clips. Best of all, this capability allows you to see them from anywhere in the world. In years past this feat was performed over a standard telephone connection using a modem of some kind. Today's DVRs do this through the Internet.

ESC offers the finest in IP (Internet Protocol) as well as traditional CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems. We offer the following brands:
  • Vicon
  • Openeye
  • Pelco
  • Samsung
  • Eastern CCTV
  • Bosch
  • Sony

For more information on ESC video surveillance services, visit our services page at